Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation


  • The School Calendar must be brought to school daily. Children are not allowed into the class without the calendar.
  • In all cases which can be foreseen, leave or absence must be obtained beforehand from the Principal. When absence is due to sickness or other unforeseen causes, application for leave shall be made as early as possible to the Principal. All applications for leave must be signed by the parent or guardian of the pupil. Entry must also be made in the absence Record of the School diary.
  • No student will leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal/ Headmistress.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom to see the teachers or children during class hours. Parents who seek information or who wish to make any complaint should do goto the Principal/Headmistress and not to the teacher.
  • Students who are not in school uniform will not be allowed to attend the class.
  • Students are responsible for the safe custody of their Books and belongings, It is not advisable for them to have money or gold ornaments or valueable articles in School.
  • A pupil coming late may not enter the class unless she/He brings to the class teacher a note signed by the Principal/Headmistress. If a pupil is repeatedly late, she/he will not be allowed to attend class. She/ he may even be fined.
  • It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, desk: etc., throw papers or ink about class room, An damage to the school property will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal regarding that amount to be paid is final.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness and neglect of home work justify dismissal.
  • If private tuitions is desired by the parent, it should be done through the Principal who will allot the tuition to some particular teacher. No pupil should have any teacher of the school for tuition outside the school premises without the permission of the Principal.
  • POLITENESS and COURTESY of Speech, Conduct as well as CLEANLINESS of dress and person are included in and expected from the pupil
  • Parents are requested not to stay in the school campus during school hours,

2. Rules of the School

  • Students must attend the school only in prescribed uniform on all class days and on Wednesdays house uniform.
  • Indiscipline, in difference to studies, irregularity in attendance, obsecentity in words or deeds or an other misconduct are valid reasons for the expulsion uniform.
  • Any damage done to the school property must be made good.
  • The school will not be questionable for any action. It takes against any student in case any rule or regulation is violated.
  • Students are themselves responsible for the articles they may bring to the school.